Upcoming Assessments of Learning

  • May 6th 1D Geometry Assessment
  • May 9th 4U Limit Assessment

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4th, 2016 ...AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME !!! ...

Thirty-Five Days Left ....a LOT of time to fix up "old wounds" and master some of those skills from the first half ... very LITTLE time left to fix poor work habits

UNBEARABLE .... watching your star dribble the ball off his foot, yet again ... will the Raps ever win a game 1 ???

The Day in the Middle

MCV4U ... we just wrapped up the first principles definition of the derivative function ... Liebniz finally made an appearance ... we will be taking a look at the general derivative rules for the next couple of days ...

MFM1P ... the scatterplot assessment was written today ... graphing stories are going to lead into a discussion of rate of change ... many students need to come in for some brushing up on ratios and rates

MPM1D ... geometry rush concluded today ... brief assessment will take place on Friday ... tomorrow, we will take a look at a couple of dynamic geometry problems using the new tablets ...

Good night now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 ... Whither the Sun? .....

IN TWO DAYS .... report cards will be distributed, providing a snapshot of progress ... keep in mind that nothing completed this week will be factored into your mark

NEPTUNE ... a model anyways ... is located on a stick outside of Monticello, Maine

NFL DRAFT UPDATE FOR THE WOEFULE CHARGERS.... the first two teams picking this Thursday night were offered (and accepted) a king's ransom to trade their picks .... the Chargers, of course, are picking third.

What Happened Wednesday


1.  Recapping continuity
2.  The Limit of a Function (Part 2) :  finding the limit without an equation
3.  ...using factoring
4.  ...using rationalization of roots
5.  ....using .... oh, shoot ... out of time
6.  Ring


1.  Taking up problems on surface and area of cones
2.  The Popcorn Problem
3.  Where is Earth (I know where Neptune is)
4.  Volume and Surface Area of Spheres
5.  Sphere practice problems
6.  Problem Set for Final Measurement Assessment
7.  Ring


1.  Types of scatterplots
2.  Strong, moderate, weak, negative correlation
3.  The Lego Scatterplot project
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, April 26th, 2014 ... Well, where are we now? .....

MCV4U... updating ... updating ....

1.  Vectors are a thing of the past
2.  The slope of the tangent is defined as a limit of the secant slopes ... thank you Isaac
3.  Limits of functions is being discussed, calculated ...
4.  One AROC/IROC quiz completed

RAPTORS .... updating ... updating ...

1.  Ugh.

MPM1D ... updating ... updating ...

1.  Report cards out this Friday
2.  Measurement assessment this Friday
3.  Composite figures, Pythagorean Theorem, Surface Area/Volume of Prisms/Pyramids covered
4.  Cones today
5.  Spheres tomorrow

HAIRLINE ... updating ... updating ...

1.  Receded
2.  Almonds at work

MFM1P ... updating .... updating ...

1.  Ratio, rate and unit pricing assessment returned
2.  Scatterplots and LEGO 
3.  Scatterplots and predictions for the future

Good night now.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, April 18th, 2016 ... Prepared Note Kerfuffle ...

...um, I think that leaving text out of the prepared slides for the next little while would be advisable ...

TWO DAYS TIL MARKLOCK ... student marks for the midterm report cards will need to be entered by Thursday, April 21st ... tomorrow is the last day to submit/retry assessments before this deadline

Monday in the Mirror


1.  Tangent slope estimations on the grid
2.  Three techniques for estimating the IROC...
3.  ... unfortunately pre-typed on a slide
4.  No homework
5.  Ring


1.  Finding the percent of a number
2.  Finding a discount and then a sale price.
3.  Ring


1.  Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems
2.  The Ticket Roll Problem
3.  Annuli
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Friday, April 14th, 2016 ... No More Basketball-Related Analogies/Presentations ...

MIDTERM MARKS ... will be entered/finalized by the end of the week ... some students will be completing assessments Monday and Tuesday in order to improve their standing ... no new assessments are scheduled for Mon-Wed ... mind you, the 1D's are handing in an optimization assignment Monday

RAPTOR/JAYS UPDATE ... woeful ... especially you Raps ... what a case of deja vu ...

Friday in Retrospect


1.  Lines and planes assessed
2.  Ring


1.  Equation assessment returned
2.  Pythagorean Theorem problems ... techniques introduced for finding the hypotenuse and a leg
3.  Practice problems
4.  Ring


1.  Percent change practice
2.  Kobe Bryant ... a graphical look thanks to Kirk Goldsberry
3.  Basketball-related demo goes awry
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Thursday, April 15th, 2016 ... Arrivederci, Math with Arrows ....

LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN ... the Raptors begin another playoff "run" this weekend beginning at 12:30 on Saturday vs. the Indiana Pacers ... the Raps have never won the first game of the playoffs in the history of their franchise (mind you, they haven't been their all that often)

CENTRAL PARK ... thanks to the folks at Desmos for their challenging and unique parking exercise that we ran in grade 9 applied the other day ... students gave it a solid effort

SILENCE ... an unnatural quiet hangs over the house this morning as I type this due to a DSBN PD Day ... offspring hours away from consciousness ...

The Midweek 


1.  One long day of line/plane review
2.  Ring
3.  Taking up some problems ... lines, lines everywhere
4.  Introduction to Calculus ... how fast do things change??
5.  Ring


1.  Equation solving assessment
2.  Ring
3.  Measurement/Geometry begins ...
4.  The oldest mathematics rule around:  Triangle Inequality
5.  Pythagorus ... who was he really??
6.  Ring


1.  Fuel consumption taken up
2.  Percent problems introduced
3.  Lab work:  Rotten Tomatoes
4.  Ring
5.  Back to lab to complete activity
6.  Percent change problems ... struggles ensue
7.  Ring

Good night now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12th, 2016 ... Parking Trouble ....

VECTORS .... going, going, gone ...

CALCULUS ... the main event finally begins ...

SOME OF OUR MOST FAMILIAR SHAPES ... have mathematical names along with English names ...

WEDNESDAY LUNCH HOUR ... 250 is closed for business ...

Tales from a Tuesday


1.  Without further delay, we close with "Intersection of Two Planes"
2.  Practice Problems
3.  Ring


1.  Dividing a rectangle into four partitions given a fixed amount of fencing
2.  Optimization Problem:  What are the dimensions of the rectangle with maximum area?
3.  Assigning the Greenhouse problem
4.  Taking up equations for tomorrow's assessment
5.  Ring

MFM1P ... interlude ...

1.  Solving equations with two variables
2.  Picturing these solutions
3.  Off to the computer lab to park some cars (and boats)
4.  Ring

Good night now.