Upcoming Assessments of Learning

  • October 19th MFM1P Final Geometry Assessment
  • October 20th MHF4U Polynomial Assessment #2

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Monday-Wednesday, October 16-18th, 2017 ... Cheating with Lines and Parabolas ...

AND, IT'S A WRAP ... Geometry and Polynomial Units have come to an end in Room 250 ...Assessments to follow Thursday/Friday

CLIMBING THE BLUE MOUNTAIN ... MPSS proved to be quite a challenge Tuesday ...  shooting must be denied in our next two forays to Caledonia ... lots of hope however ... living at the free throw line is always a good sign

CHARGER UPDATE ... two in a row (!) ... primed for a letdown


MFM1P ... Angles inside a Polygon was completed on Monday ... Tuesday saw us finish up the "Down By The Bay" activity (due Friday) ... Wednesday was test prep day while I was being professionally developed ... Thursday TEST!! ...

MHF4U...Monday we examined all of the wild and wonderful questions that could be asked about a cubic ... Tuesday we headed to the once-trustworthy Desmos site to try some Marblesliding with Rationals (some were a little attached to their quadratics and y=mx+b roots) ... Wednesday a reduced group headed back to the lab for a Polygragh Session ...

Good night now.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thursday/Friday, October 12-13th, 2017 ... The Mathematics of Fish Tacos ...

PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS ... this coming Thursday evening ... 530-730

BY NOW ... no one should be asking for a calculator or paper or something to write with ....

SECOND MAJOR UNITS ... are coming to a close ... final assessments later this week


MFM1P ... Geometry Unit closes down with the sum of the interior angles of a polygon ... Friday was spent practicing some EQAO problems from the measurement unit ... 

MHF4U ... we have been existing in the land of inequality for the last few days ... students are responsible for applying three different methods in order to solve P(x) > 0 .... along the same lines, students are responsible for knowing the difference between > and <  symbols ...

Good night now.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 10th-11th, 2017 ... Settling In ...

PROGRESS REPORTS .... coming home on Friday, October 13th

GROWING LOVE OF GEOMETRY ... steadily happening between 10:22 and 11:33 in Room 250


FOOTBALL COMPETENCE OF THE WOEFUL CHARGERS ... stagnant ... undefined, if you will


MFM1P ... we have spent a couple of days covering angle rules in geometry ... SMARTboard issues held things up yesterday a tad ... ship is righted, however, on we go today ...

MHF4U ...two days were spent covering inequalities, compound inequalities and linear inequalities in preparation for our next polynomial topic

Good night now.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Wed-Friday, October 4-6th, 2017 ... Giving Thanks ...

VICTORY ... well done ladies ... 1-0 ... now, if we can only scratch together six players tomorrow, we might be able to keep the winning streak going at Cayuga

TODAY I'M THANKFUL FOR ... two great classes this semester, my gutsy friends J and M heading back to build another Village of Hope soon ...the beautiful T and the offspring ... stuffing with gravy (sorry doc) ... basketball players who love to run ... the Bolts first victory ... every student who ever took the time to bring in a PEZ ... G's visits on Mon/Wed ... cookie dough ice cream ... great colleagues at work ... students who return calculators they borrow ... that this happened in a college football game in my youth, giving me a laugh whenever I want one



Wednesday ... a little test prep followed by a discussion of how to make a rectangle with a given perimeter as big as possible

Thursday ... MEASUREMENT test , followed by "Down By The Bay" 

Friday ... Introduction to Geometry ... measuring angles


Wednesday ... The Factor Theorem + some practice

Thursday ... Solving Polynomial Equations + some practice

Friday ... Solving PE's (3rd type) + introduction to inequalities

Good night now.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 .... Welcome to the One Day Week....

  FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH LONG DIVISION ANGST ... synthetic method is for you .... link down on the right side of the blog to see the algorithmic steps ...

THURSDAY IS OPENING DAY .... Girls Basketball debuts in the main gym after school ... kickoff for a nine game season ..... first ever 9-0 record (?).... perchance to dream ...



1.  Number Stuffer practice
2.  Areas of Composite Figure practice from text
3.  Practice Test Distributed
4.  Ring


1.  Synthetic Division introduced
2.  Taking up Remainder Problems that, to the best of my interpretation, not too many attempted
3.  Introduction to the Factor Theorem
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Friday, September 29th, 2017 ... DSS for the Win (?) ...

CONGRATULATIONS ... to all involved in putting together the pep rally (and the grade nine day last week) ... it is always enjoyable to see things done with excellence ... hopefully we won (as an old guy, social media has not reached me this weekend)

CHARGERS UPDATE ... 0-4 ... and the beat goes on ...

ONE DAY WEEK AHEAD .... that's right folks ... PD Day on Tuesday (?!) ... tomorrow will have to be good .... pressure's on ...


MFM1P (this was a busy one)

1.  Introduction to Areas of Composite Figures
2.  The Window in the Wall Problem (EQAO)
3.  The Really Expensive Sail Problem (EQAO)
4.  Textbook Registration (you are responsible for your own)
5.  Pythagorean Theorem Quiz
6.  Ring.


1.  Polynomial Test #1
2.  Ring

Good night now.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 28th .... What's a Quotient? ...

THAT'S RIGHT .... we did this today... you're welcome

TEMPERATURE UPDATE ... the ambient temperature in Room 250 dropped below the melting point of both skin and chalk today ... sighs of relief abounded ...




1.  Giving out the memory prizes
2.  Taking a look at the classic running track perimeter problem (EQAO)
3.  Perimeter of Composite Figures introduced
4.  Three problems of student choice 
5.  Ring


1.  Long division practice
2.  Less enthusiasm in the room than I would have predicted
3.  How to divide a polynomial by a binomial
4.  Introducing the remainder theorem
5. Problem set assigned
6.  Ring

Good night now.