Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20th......Speedy Sunlight Day ... did not look like the picture on the left today ...


1.  I cannot remember the tournament beginning on the first day of spring
2.  The Ohio State University gagged up a hairball against the Dayton Fliers (!) .... town population 141, 000 ...
3.  There is a school named WOFFORD in the tournament.  I have never seen or heard those seven letters in that order in all of my 43 years.
                                                     4.  The best nickname in the tournament is easily the Delaware Blue Hens



1.  Revisiting perpendicular vectors in R3
2.  General discussion of solutions to systems
3.  Can you find a vector perpendicular to two other vectors
4.  Ring


1.  Shortest distance between a point and a line ...take 3.
2.  Completion of altitude drawing and orthocentre finding.
3.  Review questions set out for Monday's assessment
4.  Ring


1.  Percentage practice
2.  Rottentomato challenge
3.  Ring

Good night now.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 .... On the Eve of Madness ...

PTI....thanks to everyone who took the time to come in an discuss their sons/daughter's progress...

THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR...three entertaining classes to teach...the beautiful T...Montreal Steak Spice...not having to shovel out a path to the BBQ loving offspring who are also excited that there are 32 college basketball games taking place over the next 48 hours...dark French Roast coffee ...

The Last 48 Hours

MCV4U....introduction to R3 continues with discussion of the standard basis vectors, direction angles and the dot product ... don't forget that the assignment is due on Friday ... boys win by guessing (tainted victory?)

MPM2D...the (rather large) question of finding the shortest distance between a point and a line is practiced ... intersection of medians, perpendicular bisectors and altitudes is revisited ... people, you must attempt the homework problem sets if you wish to master these skills!! ...

MAT2L...converting between methods of pay took place on Tue ... income tax discussion sent us off on a .5 hour tangent ... percentage calculations for commission and taxes were required for Wednesday's problem set ... K will be filling all dead-time in class with random observations (no more awkward silences) ...

Good night now.

(Go M.St.)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014 ... It's not easy, being ....

In honour of my heritage....the Unofficial Potato Rankings....

1.  Roast, 50 minutes in the oven floating in Olive Oil and powdered with Club House vegetable spice, cooked on stoneware
2.  Accordion-style with Cheddar
3.  Garlic mashed
4.  French fried from Wes' in Arnprior, Ontario
                                                      5.  in a bag with Miss Vickie's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar printed on the label
6.  Pan-fried
7.  Hash-browns
11. Mister (Toy Story version)
17.  Mister (the toy)
68.  Scalloped (sorry, Mom)
87.  in vichyssoise (ick.)

While Irish Eyes were Smiling ...


1.  Fix y-axis
2.  Introduction to R3 and level-4 note creation
3.  Derivation of magnitude formula in R3
4.  Coordinate planes discussed
5.  Practice problems attempted by a smattering of attenders
6.  Ring


1.  Practicing the usage of the distance, slope and midpoint formulae
2.  Multi-step practice problem from text
3.  Introduction of the distance between a point and a line
4.  Big Apple Quiz
5.  Ring.


1.  Rounding to the nearest .... take two
2.  Practicing the basics (round, given a number)
3.  Performing a calculation and then rounding (hand-in when complete)
4.  Ring.

Good night now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 ... 365.25 (and yes K, it is important) ...

WEATHER UPDATE:      It's cold.

BLOGS IN THE MORNING:  How concise will this be?  Very

Tuesday Talk


1.  Time conversations
2.  Riveting rotational motion video
3.  Types of Pay
4.  Practicing with types of pay
5.  Ring


1.  30 s
2.  Vector equations on the board
3.  Parametric and Symmetric Equations of the Line covered
4.  Practice Problems or Listing States .... your choice
5.  Ring


1.  Go to caf
2.  Find POI's
3.  Find Midpoints
4.  Ring

Good (err....) night (?) now.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 2nd, 2014 ... Hi March ...

....I think that we are all going to be pretty surprised at this point if the lamb part actually comes true...

WEATHER UPDATE:  Washington may have it worse least it was sunny ...

REPORT UPDATES COMING:  Anecdotals are on their way ... Friday PD Day means reports on Thursday

Monday Musings


1.  Midpoint investigation
2.  Taking up substitution and elimination problems
3.  Mixture issues
4.  Test tomorrow in caf
5.  Ring


1.  Discussing test marks
2.  Vector equation of the line
3.  Extending into 3D
4.  Ring


1.  Attempted test take up (went well)
2.  Numaro $$ activity (went)
3.  Practice problems (went badly)
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 ... Testing, testing ...

MAT2L and MCV4U have tests tomorrow ... please be on time!!!

RAPTOR UPDATE:  Four HOURS later ... loss !! Triple-OT hope-crusher ... argh.

LITERACY ALERT:  Thanks to Mrs G. for the update today .... and thanks for the attentiveness of the Period 3 clan ... much appreciated.

A Review of /on Thursday...


1.  Literacy Test presentation
2.  MAT2L Test review Part II
3.  Ring


1.  Take up problems from review
2.  Vector equation of a line developed
3.  Ring.


1.  Stepping back from the coloured line parade....
2.  Find points on a number line!
3.  Introducing linear systems as models
4.  Brief revisiting of perpendicular bisectors
5.  Ring

Must.  sleep.  Good night now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 ... Day 17 ...A Beautiful Prime ...

....the only prime that is the sum of four consecutive primes (2+3+5+7)...

RAPTORS UPDATE:   They are good.   The last time that this moribund basketball team was good, you were still using crayons for snacks in elementary school.

A Day of Desk-Clustering


1.  One big problem....find the circumcentre and the centroid
2.  This will involve finding the equation of six different lines
3.  Daunting
4.  Problem sent home involves finding the intersection point of two perpendicular bisectors
5.  Ring


1. (briefly) finish off shadow vectors
2. Dot Product problem set
3.  Review problems for Friday's test


1.  Review for Friday's assessment
2.  Lost at Sea
3.  Ring

Thank you Mr. P, KB and GT  for the van.