Upcoming Assessments of Learning

  • 1P March 3rd ... Final Measurement Assessment (CB)
  • 4U March 6th Vector Assessment #1

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monday, March 6th, 2017 ... Mathematical Instincts ...

MARKS ROLLING IN ... grade nine students will have three assessments of learning in place by the end of this week (volume quiz, measurement final assessment, Down By The Bay take-home assignment) ...grade twelve students just wrote their first major assessment covering vectors

CLOCKS MOVING AHEAD ... make sure to move the hour hand ahead 30 degrees this Saturday ... "springing ahead" so-to-speak ... though it won't be Spring



1.  We entered the third dimension on Thursday
2.  The major assessment for 2D vectors was written yesterday
3.  One of our few take-home assessments is coming soon


1.  Review topics for Friday's tests were given out on Wednesday
2.  Some in-class volume review was given out on Thursday ... taken up in class
3.  Final measurement assessment was written on Friday ... given back on Monday
4.  The geometry unit was kicked off on Monday ... protractor usage emphasized.

Good night now.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday, February 28th, 2017 ... You are Excused ...

IT'S BEEN A FEW DAYS ... one of which I wasn't here for ... see picture on left (jury summons) ... there is quite a bit to summarize ... here we go



1.  Friday ... we took a look at composite figures ... handed out some CF Prizes ... handed back some work which had been commented on in order to help clear up student errors ... students were asked to get parents to sign the course outline

2.  Monday ... while I was waiting for my number to be (not) called, students worked on a set of measurement practice problems for the EQAO ... the second half of class involved working on two potential Desmos Activities ... Central Park and Marcellus the Giant

3.  Tuesday ... we began the day taking a look at a Pythagorean Theorem problem from a past EQAO test ... after that we took up an estimation activity ... the second half of class involved a couple of comp. figure examples followed by some practice


1.  Friday ... The Dot Product was the focus of the day (not its physics connections) ... topics covered included finding the dot product of two vectors in geometric and Cartesian form ... finding the angle between vectors ended the day

2.  Monday ... students worked through applications of the dot product including vector projections

3.  Tuesday ... together we summarized the applications of the dot product studied yesterday, including a detailed look at the multiple scenarios that can arise in vector projections

Good night now.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 ... Finally something that puts Jogging in a Positive LIght ...

DSS JUMPS ON BOARD ... great opportunity to support Cancer Research and to support those receiving Cancer Treatments ... if you can't be there for the actual relay, why not consider supporting one of your peers that is forming a team?... great idea!

RAPTOR UPDATE ... Raptors manage to pick up the defensively-sound, offensively-non-gifted P.J. Tucker from the Suns while only sending them back flotsam and jetsam....nice work, Raps ... now if only you would make the extra pass ....


Tales from a Thursday


1.  Taking up problems that E. had tried
2.  Relay for Life Assembly Break
3.  Creating vectors of specific length
4.  Introduction to the idea of the dot product
5.  Ring


1.  The Final Diagnostic
2.  Pythagorean review to this point
3.  How to tackle the "find the long side" and "find a leg" problems
4.  Practice ... 2:40-2:58 solid effort ... well done nines!!!!!!!
5.  Ring.

Good night now.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 ... Ancient Triangular History ...

SHORT WEEK ... mid-week already ... first blog entry ... was off being professionally developed on Tuesday ... summary below

NBA TRADE DEADLINE ... Raptors need a wing...Wizards need a bench ...the offsprings' Nuggets need a go-to scorer/defender ...


1.  Worldwide graphite shortage
2.  Lent your calculator to a friend whose calculator broke right before a test
                                     3.  That's about it.


Tales from a Tuesday/Wednesday


1.  Tuesday ... students were left with practice review problems on the area and circumference of a circle.
2.  During the last twenty minutes, students (a few anyway) began a Desmos activity with the supply teacher
3.  Ring
4.  Wednesday ... Diagnostic #3
5.  How do you find a missing side on a right angled triangle?
6.  Well done, M!
7.  The oldest rule in mathematics !?
8.  Stony-faced Pythagorus
9.  Ring.


1.  Tuesday ... students were left with a step by step walkthrough of Cartesian Vectors
2.  Ring
3.  Wednesday ... we summarized the key Cart. Vector ideas and practiced some of these skills on the blackboard
4.  No group challengešŸ˜
5.  Ring.

Good night now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday, February 17th ... The Music of the Spheres ...

FAMILY DAY WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEW...Lego Batman 9/10 ...if you didn't like the last clever joke, the next one will be along in seven seconds (or less) ... gets the rare thumbs up from the offspring (2 of them), the beautiful T and me ... you don't have to be a Batman "fan" to like this movie .... you just have to be comfortable watching it with at least 40 six year olds in the room

DID YOU WORK ON SOME MATHEMATICS THIS WEEKEND? .... If so, of course you did ... if not, what IS your problem? ...among the sites that have some really cool math-based stuff, I would recommend BRILLIANT or the FUTILITY CLOSET


Friday, in retrospect


1.  Finishing some pyramid work
2.  How good is your short term memory - better than Mr. L's and R's?
3.  The last of the 3D shapes ... how much pop could you pour into a basketball?
4.  Practice problems
5.  Ring.


1.  Drawing out some linear combinations
2.  Cartesian vectors ... away we go!
3.  The challenge of all challenges.
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 ... Code in my Node ...

SNIFFLE COUNT ... never has one heard so many sniffles in Room 250 as we did during diagnostics on Tuesday and Wednesday...I didn't really have a chance, in retrospect


Thursday Tales


1.  Wow, our first mark-based assessment
2.  Paint with Pairs when you are done.
3. Volume of a Pyramid
4.  What if everyone put their $$ in a big pile?
5.  Pyramid Practice
6.  Ring


1.  Patterning challenge number three
2.  Finding the mag and direction of a lincomb vector
3.  A basis for two dimensional space
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, February 15th ...Blog/Diary Thing Returns after Valentine's Day Sabbatical ...

BACK IN THE '90s ... you would let these die, collect them in a bundle with some fancy ribbon and bark and then hang them on your dusty rose painted wall for decoration... that's right DEAD FLOWER wall-decor ...

THINGS I'M THANKFUL FOR ... candy corn, that old game Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, the beautiful T, my always-interesting-never-boring afternoon classes this semester, the fact that Mr. L has all of our Downton Abbey videos at his house, basketball games with people I used to coach, colleagues who are also great friends, Papa John's Pizza and of course the offspring.


A Lot Happened on Tue/Wed ... Let Me Tell You About It ...


1.  GEDSB Diagnostic - Numeracy
2.  Letters in a Pile for Cheap Food if you finish ... pretty close, BP!
3.  Here is what I think about you.
4.  Volume of a Cylinder
5.   Popcorn picker
6.  Three quick practice problems
7.  Ring
1.  GEDSB Diagnostic - Linear Relationships
2.  Let's break that Cheap Food Tie
3.  Volume of things with sharp points
4.  Cone vs. Cylinder volume - math videos in the bathroom
5.  Three examples 
6.  Ring


1.  Let the games begin... Miami has two M's
2.  Scalar multiplication - the distributive property
3.  The triangle inequality theorem ... the oldest rule in math (it has been claimed)
4.  Ring.
1.  Any addition or subtraction problems?
2.  What is a linear combination?
3.  Patterning game part two.
4.  Construct a l.c. vector ... find its magnitude and direction
5.  Ring.

Good night now.