Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 30th/October 1st, 2014 ... Paper Cylinders ...

MATH IN BASEBALL STEPS BACKWARDS:  Alas, Moneyball is was quite a run

UTENSIL UPDATE:  Yes, I'm teaching a grade 9 mathematics class and NO, I have not handed out any pencils.  IT IS TURNAROUND DAY TOMORROW!!!

Two Days Later ...

Mfm1p ... we spent sometime on Tuesday practicing composite figure problems involving area and perimeter ... optimization was introduced having the students construct three rectangles with a perimeter of 50 ... after that, the paper cylinder Act 1 video was played, leading to student hypotheses ... then the technology glitch plague hit the netbook, leading to spontaneous singing and the classroom teacher feeling like this ... today we repaired the tech issues and continued with optimization talk .... scatterplots were discussed

Mhf4u ... Gapminder modelling video was played on Tuesday ...until the tech bug bit ... polynomial inequalities were introduced today ...

K Class ... proceeded with some number stuffing ... finished practice work on the volume of rectangular prisms ... introduced the volume of cylinders at the end of class today ...

Good night now.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 30th ... Who Doesn't Love Jogging? ...

....covered a question in 9 Math today involving a girl named Ashley who ran 4 kilometres ... students had trouble relating ... especially her namesake ...

THE KING IS DEAD?   I thought the Cowboys destruction of the Saints was surprising ....  who expected this?

DEFENSIVE FOCUS:  Thank you Sr. Girls for a solid effort at tonight's mini-practice....a work in progress ... but a fine start!


1.  Vaccuuming
2.  Cleaning a shower drain
3.  Binge-watching Downton Abbey
4.  Wallpaper removal
5.  Just about anything else.

Post-HS Challenge Monday


1.  Quizzes back and taken up .... Wednesday for attempt number 2
2.  Composite figure examples
3.  Composite figure practice
4.  Ring


1.  Taking up cubic equations
2.  Integral zero and Rational Zero Theorem
3.  Polynomial equation practice
4.  Ring


1.  Volume practice given dimensions
2.  Pamplona stories
3.  Prisms on top of prisms
4.  Ring

Good night now.

September 26th, 2014 ...Youth is Served ...

... you probably shouldn't ride one of these things unless your age begins with one, two or is a single digit ...

UTENSIL UPDATE:  as we approach the quarter-pole, not a single grade 9 student has requested a pen or pencil from myself or Mrs. P ... stunning ...

BOLT UPDATE:  3-1, but run??? .... they can't .... stay strong Phillip

Friday in Retrospect


1.  Pythagorean Quiz
2.  Examining the Inductees
3.  Ring.


1.  Solving Cubics:   BoardWork
2.  Algorithm for Solving Cubics
3.  Practice
4.  Who is old?
5.  Ring

K Class

1.  Building a box
2.  Volume of a rectangular prism
3.  Practice
4.  Ring.

Good night now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24th, 2014 ... Taking it Seriously ...

...kudos to all grade 9 students who came in for their assessment at lunch today ...

BLUE JAYS NO MORE:   officially eliminated tonight ... the more things change, the more they stay the same ...

Wednesday in Retrospect:


1.  Returning the pythagorean problems
2.  EQAO samples
3.  Composite Figure introduction
4.  Really popular toys
5.  Ring.


1.  Playing with inequalities
2.  Taking up Remainder Theorem problems
3.  Introduction to the Factor Theorem
4.  Ring

K Class

1.  Into the real world of shapes
2.  G.Earth and the Pentagon
3.  Ring.

Good night now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23rd, 2014 ... Leaking Sunlight ...

...if it seems like the days are getting shorter, QUICKLY ... your instincts are correct ...

LOVE OF ALL THINGS MATHEMATICAL:  I attempted to share some "interesting" mathematics with one of my offspring last night ... let's just say that mathematical intrigue is not hereditary ...

UTENSIL UPDATE:  Sixteen days - no requested writing utensils - grade 9 class for the ages

Tuesday Tales


1.  Adding squares in right triangles
2.  Practicing Pythagorean problems
3.  Forgot the cheap food
4.  Thanks for all the help!
5.  Ring.


1.  Picking up where we left off ... the remainder theorem
2.  Corollary to the theorem
3.  Practice problems ... the extended version
4.  Ring.

K Class

1.  Back to Google Earth ... finding your way around the town
2.  Introducing 3D shapes
3.  Ring

Good night now.

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 ... Don't Do This ...

SPEEDBLOG ... little pressed for time here ...


1.  Textbooks to those who didn't have
2.  Pythagorean videos
3.  The Sample Problems illustrated
4.  Framing right triangles
5.  Ring


1.  Discussion of assessments
2.  Division of Polynomials
3.  Examples 1, 2 and 3
4.  A wee bit of practice
5.  Ring

K Class

1.  The battle is complete
2.  Ring

Good night now.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 18-19th, 2014 ... Hero vs. Hero ...

.... Alas, fellow XMen .... a valiant effort ....

UTENSIL UPDATE:   Fourteen days, no requests ... I'm speechless

CHARGER UPDATE:  They beat the Bills and have a winning record .... again, speechless

BAD PARENTING UPDATE:   brought the offspring to this place for lunch ... yes, I know ... the 2400 calorie lunch for the 10 year old is not the best ... feel free to leave your comments in the box below


Mfm1P .... Thursday we continued to practice volume of a prism problems .... introduced the oldest of rules, the Triangle Inequality ... teased the Pythagorean theorem ... Friday was our first volume quiz, followed by a bonus activity and Numaro challenge ...

Mhf4u ... Thursday was the first Polynomial Assessment ... Friday teased Polynomial Division followed by a Numaro competition ...

K Class ... students worked well on problems involving perimeter and area of triangles ...

Good night now