Upcoming Assessments of Learning

  • Monday, December 18th ... 4U ... Sinusoidal Assessment
  • Monday, January 22nd ... 1P ... EQAO DAY 1
  • Tuesday, January 23rd ... 1P ... EQAO DAY 2

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 ... Walkin' in a ....

IT'S PICKING UP ... lots of students beginning to come in outside of class time to master skills and complete some work

GAME OF THE YEAR? ... a little hyperbole from one of the seventy-six San Diego Charger fans left over

VOLLEYBALL DAY ... next Tuesday students vs. teachers ... were there no basketballs available? ... will this be me??? ... hashtag bigheadfear ...


MFM1P.... we have been locking down skills involved in direct and partial variation .... reading rate of change off of a table, graph OR equation .... creating equations for direct and partial variation scenarios ... plotting points for a direct or partial scenario ...

MHF4U ... we have finished off trigonometry this week ... sinusoidal modeling followed by techniques used to solve trigonometric equations ...

Good night now.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday, December 11th, 2017 ... Animals Attack ...

4U .... Sinusoidal Modeling, Trigonometric Equations, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, fin.

1P ... Equations for Direct and Partial Variation, Scatterplots, Introductory Algebra and Equation Solving Techniques, fin.

That's what is left folks.

Monday in the Mirror


1.  Congratulations S ... winner of this year's General Knowledge Quiz
2.  Review of Direct Variation ... a few minutes for practice problems
3.  Partial Variation Properties
4.  Ring


1.  Some sketching
2.  Practicing a lung model, a tide model and a Ferris Wheel Model
3.  Packages without pg. 370
4.  Sigh
5.  One classroom demographic goes retro and acts like it is grade 8 again ... I'm glad I am not picking pencils out of the ceiling
6.  Mercifully ...
7.  Ring

Good night now.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Friday, December 8th, 2017 ... My Brother, one Offspring and the Youngster Enjoy the Outdoors ...

GRADE NINES ... Bicycle Trip needs to be completed

GRADE TWELVES ... Sinusoidal Final Assessment next Monday

ALL STUDENTS ... you may want some boots for the walk home tomorrow

BILLS FANS ... you may wish to stay in front of a warm fire for the next 24 hours



Friday Happenings


1.  Direct Variation Examples and Properties
2.  Finishing off the General Knowledge Test
3.  Direct Variation Text Practice
4.  Ring


1.  Using the cosine function to model a sinusoidal
2.  Revisiting the London Eye ... solving for a variable
3.  Ring

Good night now.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday, December 7th, 2017 ... All Quiet on the Homefront (whew) ...

TONIGHT I AM THANKFUL FOR ... my witty classes, the people who daily clean Room 250 at what we call a "Level 4", Zehr's donuts, Nikola Jokic's passing, listening to the beautiful T encourage the offspring with kind words, Papa John's "2nd pizza of any size for $2 deal", the 40 degree classroom heat for the first 5 minutes after we came in for the fire "drill" a couple of days ago, Ms. Vickie's Sea Salt and Vinegar, Mon/Wed visits from G and, of course, bacon.

BANNED FOOD LIST ADDITION ... the other day, a student and I were discussing the utter horror of putting this food in a smoothie ... I mentioned the feeling of horror upon finding this food mixed in with anything I might have to eat ... there has not been an addition to the food list since Sugar Sticks a few years back .... welcome to the club, Beets!


Tales from a Thursday


1.  The tutoring problem as an intro to Direct and Partial variation
2.  ROC tests and updated reports given out
3.  The misprinted FunFair Activity as a way of introducing INITIAL VALUE
4.  Back to our Statistical Animal Challenge Activity
5.  A Closer Look at Direct Variation - commission
6.  Ring


1.  Taking up graphing of sinusoidals and making equations from a graph
2.  Cosine models left to another day
3.  Practice problems
4.  Ring

Good night now.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 ... Welcome Eights ...

A VERY INFORMAL SURVEY ... of grade 8's entering our building tonight said that math was their favourite subject ... a couple even said that they "liked" math ... thank you to C and H for their assistance tonight

AH, MEMORIES ... the player pictured to the left played during one of the more disappointing parts of Raptor's history ... though quite skilled, he is probably most famous for his "Ball" interview where he pretended to forget the English language momentarily


A Wednesday which certainly saw it's (temperature-based) Ups and Downs


1.  Hello everyone ... let's try a composite figure problem
2.  538 Animal Studies
3.  Ring 
4.  Wait, what????? .... oh, a fire drill ....
5.  Isn't it really cold outside ?
6.  Yep
7.  Hello hypothermia
8.  Students have never been happier to head back to class
9.  Direct and Partial Variation introduced


1.  Jumping right back in to Skill #2 ... listing features of a sinusoidal from the equation
2.  Skill #3 ... sketching a sinusoidal using it's properties
3.  Skill #4 ... creating an equation from a sinusoidal sketch
4.  Practice
5.  Animal stories
6.  Ring

Good night now.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 .... XLVII ....

WELL, WE TOOK A LOOK AT SINUSOIDAL FUNCTION ANALYSIS TODAY ...... why don't we see how some other folks are tackling this subject ....

1.  Sal Khan on finding the equation of a sinusoidal
2.  Patrick JMT on graphing a sinusoidal
3.  People seem generally happy with this guy ... coloured chalk, neat writing and all

I AM RUNNING SOME MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER CHRISTMAS IN THE BACKGROUND ... I don't get the hype ... sorry fans .... thumbs up on the Piano Guys from last night, though


Tales from a Tuesday


1.  Well, we wrote a big test ... ROC Assessment to be precise
2.  Thank you Mrs. R
3.  Scatterplot practice
4.  Ring


1.  Hey sir, did you mark our quizzes?  Why yes, students ... I'll get those back to you later.
2.  Yet another in a long line of mistaken pronouncements .... how about I just hand the quizzes back right away in order to avoid the bell ringing 72 minutes later WITH THE TESTS STILL IN MY BACKPACK!!!!!!!
3.  Argh.
4.  Properties of y=sinx and y=cosx discussed 
5.  Skill #1:  Finding key points on a transformed sinusoidal
6.  Skill #2:  Finding key features of a sinusoidal from the equation
7.  Please leave the snow village alone
8.  Ring

Good night now.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday, December 4th .... Sleepyblog ....zzzz .....

KEEP-YOU-AWAKE FOOD RANKINGS (caffeine rich food/drink excluded)

1.  Apple (Royal Gala of course)
2.  Clementines (not really working that well right now mind you)
3.  (tie)  Skittles
4.  (tie)  Candy Corn
5.  I realize 3 and 4 aren't technically "foods" ... but its late and its my foolish list ... cut me some slack
6.  Beets (I haven't eaten a beet for years but a student reminded me of this horrific food the other day when we were talking about smoothies and, frankly, just the thought of eating one again has snapped me into mild wakefulness)

GRADE EIGHT DAY (also known as the day before I get the last Sr. Girls Basketball Uniform back) ... looking forward to this Wednesday night ... I always look forward to asking, "Is Math your favourite subject?" ... a rich variety of answers forthcoming ...


Tales from a Monday ...


1.  Filling the Pool ... an EQAO problem based on Rate of Change
2.  Handing out the National Toy Hall of Fame prizes
3.  Practice for tomorrow's Rate of Change Assessment
4.  Ring


1.  Can you make the proper adjustments to the function? (transformation edition)
2.  NTHofF distribution continues
3.  Intersection of a Line and Parabola revisited ...
4.  ... as a lead-in to ...
5.  Solving trigonometric equations using technology
6.  Polar Coordinates
7.  Ring

Good nigh........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz