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  • September 14th Quadratic Diagnostic

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14th, 2016 Would you like New, Slightly Used or ....

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES:  It turns out that when fighting fires at your banks data centre, you should make sure to pay a little extra to the company who is installing the gas nozzles

SHORT WEEK:  surprisingly students do not always know about this ... no classes will be taking place this Friday

A LITTLE LATE:  we started the 3U course today ... spent a few days on factoring/quadratic review to begin things ... no one was scared away ... good sign

AN IDEA THAT NEEDS TO COME NORTH:  Imagine that you could coat your own donut, fresh out of the oven, with a choice of 10+ toppings ...  Duck Donuts ... and yes, it was awesome ... watch out Timmys


Credit Recovery

1.  Sitting at about 80% today
2.  The tablets worked!
3.  C and R tie for first cheap food
4.  Hard Drive + 120 db sound = Oil + Water
5.  Ring


1.  The last of the interminable quadratic/factoring review
2.  What is a function?
3.  Broken blog links
4.  Argh.
5.  What turns four into eight.
6.  Attendance
7.  Frozen SMART
8.  Argh.
9.  Input/output symbols
10. Ring

Good night now.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12th, 2016 .... One Week In ...Relative Cold Snap ...

JUST A REMINDER .... the janitorial staff would like us to put the chairs up at the end of the day ... one can only hope that I present this blog to the class at 2:55 tomorrow, have my eye caught by this entry, leading to some actual chair raising ... we'll see tomorrow I guess

SR. GIRLS BASKETBALL .... tryouts began today, will continue Thursday ... two more tryouts next week ... if you are interested in playing, please make sure to make at least two tryouts


Credit Recovery

1.  Students got right to work
2.  Having computers up here would be a really good idea.
3.  Some students worked efficiently until 10:00
4.  So you are saying there is a chance ....
5.  Ring


1.  Quadratic review comes to an end
2.  The Factored form of a quadratic equation
3.  Complex trinomial and Compound factoring
4.  Practice problems 
5.  Ring

Good night now.