Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20th, 2014 ...Blog Hiatus Complete ...

...while I was on blogvacation, this finally happened .... sigh ...

UTENSIL REQUEST UPDATE:  Thirty-three (!) days in and a grade 9 student finally asked to borrow a pencil....mind you, they had brought a pen to class and simply wanted to make sure that mistakes could be erased on the Number Stuffer Activity ... the streak, therefore, continues

THREE WEEKS:  Just a fortnight-and-a-half to go until midterm marks must be submitted ... reminder to grade 9 students to make an appointment to reassess areas of difficulty from earlier in the semester ...

UNSPOKEN RULES OF THE CLASS:  I thought that these rules would be generally understood by all of my students .... but just for the sake of clarity ...

1.  Do not remove your shoes in the classroom
2.  See rule one.
3.  Do not put your feet on the Seat of Power
4.  Do not come late for math.  You'll miss some math.  (Seriously, who does that??)
5.  Do not fill the technology delays with country music.




We have a final geometry assessment coming up on Wednesday.  We have already begun the next unit concerning unit pricing.  Review problems have been sent home.  Notes are posted online in case anything was missed.


We have taken a look at three types of rational functions.  Presently, we are developing the skills necessary for solving rational equations.  A reassessment for the factor theorem and polynomials will take place Wednesday after school.  One period will be set aside for a reassessment attempt before midterms are written.

K Class

A long look at 2D and 3D measurement is coming to an end.  We will be beginning to look at distance, speed and time calculations.

Good night now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8th, 2014 ... The Quest for 225 ...

NUMBER STUFFER UPDATE:   We may have a new champion.

ANECDOTALS:  Progress reports go out tomorrow for all classes.  Students will receive mark updates over the next couple of weeks.

CHARGER INCREDULITY:  No one has scored on the normally laughable Charger Defense in the 4th quarter for four straight games. 



1.  Geometry warm up ... measuring angles reviewed
2.  Number Stuffer ... a 250 tradition ...
3.  New record holder MS????
4.  Ring.


1.  Back to the rational functions ... listing properties
2.  Analysing (or analyzing) functions
3.  Ring

K Class

1.  Angles, angles and more angles
2.  Ring

I'm sleepy.  Good night now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mon/Tuesday, October 6/7, 2014 .... Testing, testing ...

...courteous nines made for a positive testing environment today....twelves have had to wait an extra day for evaluation while their teacher works on his time management skills ...

SHORT WEEK UPDATE:  Don't come on Friday.  Teachers are meeting.  Make sure you give 110% effort on Wednesday and Thursday to compensate for the lost day.

BASKETBALL UPDATE:  Argh.  Sr. Ladies put forth a solid effort against smooth-shooting HSS but fall short again.  Thanks to all staff who came out to support....much appreciated

Two Days Into the Week ...


1.  Monday - Test
2.  Tuesday - Rational Function ... table of values and sketch
3.  Asymptote discussion and end behaviour revisited
4.  Desmos/GSP investigation of rational functions
5.  Ring


1.  Monday - Down by the Bay reminder .... due Wednesday
2.  Measuring angles with a protractor revisited
3.  Review for Tuesday's test ... less than inspiring effort during last portion of class ... surprising for this crew
4.  Tuesday - Measurement test

K Class

1.  Passing GO and playing with millions
2.  Tuesday -  back to the cylinder (volume, that is)
3.  Ring

Good night ... err... morning now.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Friday, October 3rd, 2014 ... "This is not the hallway Sir" ... hall duty career comes to a premature end ...


ASSESSMENT UPDATE:  Nines write a final measurement assessment on Tuesday .... Twelves write their final polynomial assessment on Friday

Friday in Five Squared Times Ten


1.  A few minutes for Down by the Bay ... some students finished ... final version due on Wednesday
2.  Brief Numaro Quiz
3.  Composite Figure problems taken up ... major issues discussed
4.  Students were given last twelve minutes for test review
5.  Ring


1.  Problems with inequalities taken up
2.  Case arguments for inequalities
3.  Test review issues discussed
4.  Ring

K Class

1.  Volume of a cylinder modelled and calculated
2.  Ring.

Good night now.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2nd, 2014 ... Rrrrrrotate!! ...

...we lost one 4u student in the change ... all grade nines arrived safe and sound ... all with their pencils as well ....

BASKETBALL UPDATE:  Sr. Girls put forth a decidedly better effort tonight against the Cayuga Warriors, falling short by ten.  Consistent defensive intensity and more patience on offense led to a competitive game

The Rest of a Balmy Thursday


1.  Taking up quadratic inequalities
2.  Introducing the solving of polynomial inequalities
3.  A wee bit of practice
4.  Ring


1.  On Frozen Pond ... the optimization assignment prep
2.  Down by the Bay Begins
3.  Ring

K Class

1.  Pictures, numbers and pictures
2.  ....and slow netbooks ...
3.  Ring.

Good night now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 30th/October 1st, 2014 ... Paper Cylinders ...

MATH IN BASEBALL STEPS BACKWARDS:  Alas, Moneyball is was quite a run

UTENSIL UPDATE:  Yes, I'm teaching a grade 9 mathematics class and NO, I have not handed out any pencils.  IT IS TURNAROUND DAY TOMORROW!!!

Two Days Later ...

Mfm1p ... we spent sometime on Tuesday practicing composite figure problems involving area and perimeter ... optimization was introduced having the students construct three rectangles with a perimeter of 50 ... after that, the paper cylinder Act 1 video was played, leading to student hypotheses ... then the technology glitch plague hit the netbook, leading to spontaneous singing and the classroom teacher feeling like this ... today we repaired the tech issues and continued with optimization talk .... scatterplots were discussed

Mhf4u ... Gapminder modelling video was played on Tuesday ...until the tech bug bit ... polynomial inequalities were introduced today ...

K Class ... proceeded with some number stuffing ... finished practice work on the volume of rectangular prisms ... introduced the volume of cylinders at the end of class today ...

Good night now.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 30th ... Who Doesn't Love Jogging? ...

....covered a question in 9 Math today involving a girl named Ashley who ran 4 kilometres ... students had trouble relating ... especially her namesake ...

THE KING IS DEAD?   I thought the Cowboys destruction of the Saints was surprising ....  who expected this?

DEFENSIVE FOCUS:  Thank you Sr. Girls for a solid effort at tonight's mini-practice....a work in progress ... but a fine start!


1.  Vaccuuming
2.  Cleaning a shower drain
3.  Binge-watching Downton Abbey
4.  Wallpaper removal
5.  Just about anything else.

Post-HS Challenge Monday


1.  Quizzes back and taken up .... Wednesday for attempt number 2
2.  Composite figure examples
3.  Composite figure practice
4.  Ring


1.  Taking up cubic equations
2.  Integral zero and Rational Zero Theorem
3.  Polynomial equation practice
4.  Ring


1.  Volume practice given dimensions
2.  Pamplona stories
3.  Prisms on top of prisms
4.  Ring

Good night now.